When you initially set up your ClickPerfect membership, the domain you choose is the defaultdomain that will exist for your account.

Your default domain cannot be changed, however, you can set other custom domains within your account if you'd like to do so!  

For more information about custom domains, or to set up a custom tracking link please visit our custom domains page!  Depending on the option you'd like to use, there are a few different training articles available.

If you find an issue with the domain you chose, there are three options for you to move forward:

  • Close your original account and start a new one with a new default domain
  • Keep your original account and use a custom domain
  • Keep your original account AND open a new account with a new default domain

It entirely depends on what will be the best option for you! If you have tracking and links already set up within your current Click Perfect account, you may not want to lose that work. If not, it might be more worthwhile to just start fresh!